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APET Sheet/Thermoforming
Clear Food Containers

We are APET sheet Thermoforming ,Clear Food Containers manufacturer and exporter based in Dubai,United Arab Emirates.Our APET Sheet contains excellent durability.It contains glass-like clarity Known for maintaining its rigidity and flexibility. APET Sheet Roll is one of the fastest growing segments in the thermoforming industry.


Our thermoforming grade material is nontoxic and FDA approved for direct clear food containers. It can be processed more quickly and economically than rigid PVC. This is an ideal material choice for applications requiring an attractive packaging and product visibility. In addition, our APET Sheet offers outstanding barrier properties such as protection from external liquids or gases. This adds same time retaining the product’s flavors and aromas. Order now if you deal in Clear Food Containers,Food Tray,Egg Shells and Plastic PET Food Packaging Materials 

We offer great APET film ,APET sheet for thermoforming  applications

Our Apet film sheet can be utilized for thermoforming,vacuum shaping. This sheet can be provided with 1 or 2 sides protection

APET (Amorphous-polyethylene terephthalate) is a plastic and part of the polyester item family. It gives unmatched gloss and a definitive in product visility. APET is used in wide applications, including vacuum shaping, food and non-food packaging, folding and set-up boxes, writing material, as well as printing.

  • Best Transparency and Gloss Gas
  • Water Barrier Properties Non-Toxic and Odor-Free Chemical
  • Grease Resistance Toughness,
  • Stiffness and Impact Strength
  • Deep Forming Capabilities
  • Gamma Ray Sterilization Resistance

APET film sheeting is available in thicknesses ranging from 0.2mm to 2 mm Roll type

Environmental Impact

APET is non-harmful, 100 percent recyclable, and harmless to the ecosystem.

We Manufacture

Clear APET Sheet Rolls

Blue APET Sheet  Rolls

Black APET Sheet Roll

in a wide range of specifications i.e. thickness,lengths etc

Thermoforming,Clear Food Containers for all your packaging needs

Insert Cups Lids-02

Cups and Lids

Insert Daili Box-02

Deli Container

Insert Salad Bowl-02

Salad Bowl

Insert Egg Try-02

Egg Trays