Flexible Biodegradable Packaging

Are you looking for Flexible Plastic Packaging? Do you want a solution to your packaging needs? Blue Wave Wave is a Flexible packaging manufacturer based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We provide customized packaging solutions keeping in mind the environmental concerns at our top priority. 

We use the below materials

  • Degradable
  • Biodegradable 
  • Compositable 

We produce given below products

  • Garbage Bags
  • Grocery Bags
  • Customized Jute Bags
  • Mesh Net Bags
  • PP Woven Bags
  • Agricultural and Construction Film

We have advanced production lines. An experienced and dedicated team of professionals. We are always looking for long-term business relations with serious buyers.

Please share your inquiries with a leading plastic manufacturer. We will give you the best flexible packaging products and solutions. For further details please feel free to contact us

PP Woven Bags
Mesh Bags
Garbage Bags
Customised Jue Bags
Burlep-Jute Bags
Agricultural Film
Agricultural Film
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