Flexible Biodegradable Packaging

We manufacture and export

⦁ Garbage Bags

⦁ Produced Grocery Bags

Blue Wave, one of the leading Garbage Bags and Produce Grocery Bags Manufacturers based in Dubai, We are an innovative plastic factory and professional in the manufacturing of trash bags, bin liners and produce grocery bags.

Our Trash Bags are

⦁ Biodegradable and Compostable

⦁ Available in all sizes

⦁ Available in All colors, Black, Blue,

⦁ Clear, Yellow, Orange


Available in a variety of sizes with customized requirements

22" Wide x 24" High.55 milutility7 - 9 gallons
26" Wide x 36" High.80 milcommercial15-20 gallons
30" Wide x 38" High.75 milstrong30-33 gallons
30" Wide x 38" High1.1 milindustrial30-33 gallons
35" Wide x 50" High1.1 milindustrial40-45 gallons

Applications of Garbage Bags

Garbage bags, also known as trash bags or bin liners, serve various applications in both residential and commercial settings. Here are some common applications

Residential Applications

The primary use of garbage bags is to contain household waste such as food scraps, packaging materials, and other non-recyclable items before disposal.

Garbage bags can be used to store seasonal clothing, bedding, or other items not currently in use, helping to protect them from dust and pests.

During relocation, garbage bags can be used to pack and transport lightweight items such as clothing, linens, and soft toys.

Garbage bags are useful for collecting yard waste such as leaves, grass clippings, and branches, making cleanup easier and more organized.

Pet owners often use garbage bags to pick up and dispose of pet waste during walks or while cleaning litter boxes.

When painting or undertaking DIY projects, garbage bags can be used to protect floors and furniture from spills and debris.

Commercial Applications

Garbage bags are essential for janitorial services in offices, schools, hospitals, and other commercial buildings to collect and dispose of waste generated throughout the day.

Restaurants, cafeterias, and food processing facilities use garbage bags to collect food scraps, packaging materials, and other waste generated during food preparation and service.

Garbage bags are used in retail establishments to dispose of packaging materials, damaged merchandise, and other waste generated during daily operations.

Garbage bags play a crucial role in event management by providing a means to collect and manage waste generated by attendees, vendors, and organizers.

During construction or demolition projects, garbage bags are used to collect and dispose of construction debris, such as packaging materials, broken tiles, and other waste materials.

Hotels, resorts, and cruise ships use garbage bags to collect and dispose of waste generated by guests and staff, including bedding, towels, and food waste.

In summary, garbage bags are versatile and indispensable items used in a wide range of applications for waste containment, storage, transportation, and disposal in both residential and commercial settings.

Our PCR-Trash bags are in almost every size and color; we also offer customized solutions concerning
your exact requirements in color, size, printing, and microns. Thank you for choosing Blue Wave,
Where garbage bags aren’t just a necessity – they’re a symbol of change, care, and a cleaner
World for generations to come

Produce Grocery Bags

We are manufacturer and exporter of produce grocery bags; our produce bags are best fit to carry fruits, vegetables and other produce items.


⦁ Great for self-serve produce applications
⦁ Packed on rolls for quick dispensing
⦁ Perforated for easy tear-off
⦁ Custom Printing Available
⦁ Light Weight
⦁ Custom Sizes and Thickness Available
⦁ Best for Fruits and Vegetables
⦁ Best for Supermarkets, Fruits and Vegetable Outlets


Stock #W x L + Bottom GussetThicknessQty/Case
BWPB-0017.5" x 16" + 3"1 Mil1000 / Case
BWPB-00211" x 17"0.5 Mil2440 / Case
BWPB-00311" x 17"0.5 Mil2800 / Case
BWPB-00412" x 17"0.5 Mil3200 / Case
BWPB-00512" x 17"0.5 Mil3680 / Case
BWPB-00612" x 17"0.5 Mil2000 / Case
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